AIDS LifeCycle 2012 Closing Ceremonies

The Goodman Family are Founders and  generous benefactors of the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic located at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center. The Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic for people with HIV/AIDS, offering the full range of primary and specialty medical care.  It also is home to one of the…

Cost of Clutter in the Workplace

Re-posted with the permission of Strategic Partner, Regina Lark. Is your big organization organized? Businesses and organizations lose time, money, and productivity due to excessive clutter in the workplace. When employees do not know where to find something, they spend work-time looking for what they need. It is estimated that employees waste approximately 4.3 hours…

Why Are the Markets So Volatile?

As you’ve no doubt been following, global markets have been extremely volatile as the world attempts to pull itself out of the Great Recession. Leaders worldwide are pulling every lever possible in an attempt to stabilize their countries’ economies and instill investor confidence.

Drink Your Financial Lemonade in November

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade – so the saying goes. Hence, when the market gives you losses, avoid paying taxes. Taxes come in many shiny packages (income, sales, capital gains, property, estate, etc.), and while some are hard to avoid, others can be easily be minimized.

Kids in the Spotlight Film Festival

Kids in the Spotlight, Inc. (KITS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in May 2009. Their program trains youth in foster care programs and other underserved youth to create, write, cast and star in their own short films. This training culminates in an annual film festival competition where we present “Movies by Kids, for Kids”.