AIDS LifeCycle 2012 Closing Ceremonies

Brian Darling with David Rae of Team Popular
Debra Goodman, Mark Goodman, Candace Goodman, Shelli Goodman, Brian Darling.
The Goodman Family are Founders and  generous benefactors of the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic located at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.
The Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinic for people with HIV/AIDS, offering the full range of primary and specialty medical care.  It also is home to one of the nation’s largest free HIV-testing sites.  Their full service pharmacy fills approximately 100,000 prescriptions annually.
Please feel free to email Tracy Saunders (805-641-0824) from / to let her know which complimentary photo # you would like (on the photo contact page format, not the individual photo # format, as they are different #s. Please mention in the email subject line: Brian Darling. Make sure to send Tracy all your contact information so you can be sure she can reach you with any questions/got your inquiry.

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