T Faye Griffin’s Book “Morning Manna” Now Available!

The wait is over. After months of anticipation, T Faye Griffin’s crowd funded book Morning Manna is now available on Amazon.

The talented and award winning writer/producer/actor/comedienne inspired her community to donate the money needed to publish her passion project. The full title of the book is Morning Manna: Wisdom Served With Humor and Heart and it delivers daily bites of Biblical, no holds barred wisdom. Each entry is designed to educate and nourish the soul while being warm and entertaining. The project began as simple Facebook posts and evolved into the full length book.

An NAACP award winner and proud product of South Central LA, Griffin was able to raise over $7,600 from more than 100 contributors and couldn’t be happier that this day has finally come. Click here or the image below to purchase the book on Amazon.


T Faye appeared on the Brian Darling show where she discussed everything from comedy writing to her charity work to her obsession with Lucille Ball. Watch below:

Morning Manna can also be found on The Brian Darling Store!

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