Hurricane Sandy Relief Help Appreciated!

I received some devastating news via Lorri Jean, CEO of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center today, from “a sister organization in New York City, the Ali Forney Center (AFC), which offers LGBT youth a lifeline and many of the same essential services we offer at our Youth Center on Highland.

Just half a block from the Hudson River on 22nd Street, AFC’s facilities were demolished when Hurricane Sandy pushed flood waters four feet high, destroying phones, computers, food, and supplies. Below is a message from AFC’s Executive Director Carl Siciliano about the devastation.

As a supporter of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, you know there are thousands of homeless LGBT youth on the streets of L.A. who don’t have a family they can count on or a home for the holidays. Imagine if they didn’t have our Youth Center on Highland for free hot meals, fresh clothes, a warm shower, help getting a job and so much more. That’s what it’s like for many homeless LGBT youth in New York now. So if you can, please support AFC and the homeless youth in our nation’s largest city.

On behalf of our friends in New York and the many young people they serve, we thank you for your generous gift.”

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