The Darlings

Can an OUT Gay man be a pro race car driver? In an all straight sport, can Evan Darling succeed and make it back to the winners circle?

Evan Darling, Professional Race Car Driver and extreme sports enthusiast is “Googling” his brother, Brian Darling on the internet and finds Business Manager Brian Darling instead. They strike up a conversation. Complete opposites, Evan and Brian bond as brothers, and quickly become the brothers they never had, forming a strong and unbreakable duo.

While looking for racing sponsors and getting back on the race track, Evan brings Brian out of his shell and they go on wild adventures at 150 miles per hour around a track. Evan was a successful pro until he came out publicly, and then lost all his sponsors. Brian kicks and screams the entire time, and struggles to keep up. Evan is very competitive. Brian would rather be in a spa or sitting by the pool.

Evan pushes Brian to find his inner sense of adventure and to try crazy wild new things. Will Evan find a new sponsor and be accepted in the all straight sport of Pro racing?